How To Apply A Stretch Mark Cream At The Affected Area Correctly?

ImageIt is important to apply a stretch mark cream at the affected area correctly. First of all, you must clean the surface. Never apply any cream on unclean skin, as it may block pores and create skin inflammation and other problems. This also makes it difficult for ingredients to seep down at the damaged site.

Once a while, exfoliate skin to remove dead cell layer. It also deep cleans pores. Fresh and clean area facilitates complete absorption of ingredients of the cream.

You must not wear sweaty and dirty clothes. It may encourage the breeding of bacteria at the affected area. Moreover, it creates an urge to scratch the area, which can lead to more problems. It is crucial to take care of these things while using a stretch mark cream at the affected area.

While applying the cream, massage gently with finger tips in circular motions. Wait for a minute before dressing up lest the ingredients may stick to your clothes. Let your skin assimilate every bit of the cream for maximum results.

Applying a stretch mark cream at the marked site is no rocket science. However, taking care of little things can make a huge difference. It may even affect the cream’s performance.



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